Top Tips to Travel Across the Country In 2016

If you are an adventurous and hippie type of a soul, then the thought of traveling across the country must have crossed your mind at some point in your life. Honestly, it is coded in our DNA that we like to travel and see different places of the world. However, maybe you are one of those guys who always plan a road trip but cancel it at the last moment because of improper planning. We have compiled a list of tips to travel across the country that well not only enhance your cross country road trip but will help you manage the budget.

Choose Your Ride

Depending on either you are planning to travel alone, with a partner or in a group you must choose your ride accordingly. It is a good idea to either buy a cheap used car using craigslist or use your current one. However, people also want bikes as their ride to experience the road more carefully. It is strictly a personal choice however you must consider your comfortability while choosing a vehicle.

Purchase a Road Atlas and Identify your Route

Once you are done selecting the vehicle, the step to enhance your travel experience is to buy a detailed Road Atlas and choose a route. You can choose either the highway or plan different path to visit more places. It strictly depends on your budget.

Manage Accommodation Cost

Accommodation cost is the biggest fixed cost for any trip. To control this cost, you must reserve your accommodation in advance however reservation might decrease your road experience. Another way is to camp in campsites which cost around 10 – 20 $ a night only. Moreover, you can also use hostels or web services such as Couchsurfing and AirBnb that let you live in houses of local people for small fees.

Attractions that Save you Money

To enhance your travel experience and save yourself some money it is always a good idea to ask around for the free museums or any free local events. You can also order National Park passes (costs around 80$) and City Tourism Cards that cost around 40$ and often include the transportation.

Some Necessary Miscellaneous Things

Although Gas prices are way lower than they were last year, you may face repairing costs. The best idea to save yourself some repairing cost is to learn to change a tire and always keep a toolset for yourself. Even better you can have a short auto repairing course before your trip, believe me, it is a great help. Moreover, don’t forget to buy travel guides and keep them with you, you will find them helpful during your trip.



Learn the Skill of Listening

Today’s dynamically changing business environment and high-stress world require exceptional leadership skills for becoming successful. Most of the courses, life coaches, public speakers and leadership builders focus on your public speaking skills. However, they overlook one of the essential skill required to become a leader – Listening.

Naturally, we are all bad listeners however we can develop the art of listening because it is a genuine gift that helps you not only in achieving your business and career goals but also in your personal life. By becoming an effective listener, you can build relationships, resolve conflicts, and solve problems.

Here are some of the ways to become a better listener and achieve all the good it brings

1.     Remember Hearing isn’t listening

Remember there is a huge difference between just hearing things and listening to them properly. People often start conversations with an agenda in their mind. When you are starting a conversation, make sure you do not have any already concluded results of the conversation in your mind. Starting a conversation with an open mind help you listen to more efficiently. The main difference between hearing and listening is that when you listen you understand things.

2.     Ask Questions

An excellent way to enhance your listening skills is to ask questions. The more you ask questions, the more you understand. However, this doesn’t mean you interrupt in the middle of the conversation. Sometimes, people just want you to listen to them and do not interrupt again and again in the midst of the conversation.

3.     Always Make Eye Contact

Always make eye contact with the other person.  It is crucial because it gives the sense to someone else that you are interested in what they have to say so they start explaining things in a lot easier ways.

4.     Acknowledge What You Heard

Use the words like “Yes” and phrases like “I understand” during the conversation. Another good way to acknowledge is to repeat what they just said. State something like let me be sure I understood this properly and repeated what they said. They will either acknowledge or correct you. Either way, it’s a win-win situation

5.     Listen to Body Language

According to a research 75% of the message is communicated by our bodies during a conversation instead of verbal communication. The body language of speaker show the signs of comfort, discomfort, either he trusts you or not. Same goes for the body language of the listener. Try to listen to the speaker as well observe his body language.





Watch a Cat Riding on the Back of Motor Bike — Like a Champ

[embedded content]

Who doesn’t have 30 seconds to watch a cat riding on the back of a motorbike?

Some motorcyclists drive around with their dogs. This man is taking his cat for a ride on his moped.

LOOK: Biker Saves Abused Dog on Side of Road, Gains a “Co-Pilot”

We have no details on why or where. None were provided by YouTuber, GianGiancarlo—but this cat is holding onto the driver like a champ.

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Instead of a Second Black Lives Matter Protest, They Joined Police For a Barbecue

Police Chief Gordon Ramsay-djuan_wash_mashup courtesy

A city in Kansas is proud of their Black Lives Matter protest on Tuesday, during which no one was hurt or arrested, and no property was damaged. Protestors praised the police for their efforts in allowing voices and first amendment rights to be expressed—and things only got better going forward.

Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay says that despite personnel shortages in the department, he will continue to make sure officers are properly trained in cultural competency, while he tries to free up more of officers’ time for community policing.

Plans for another BLM protest on Sunday were changed to a community cookout after leaders met with Ramsay the day after the demonstration. Ramsay said he and the mayor wanted to raise the money to organize a barbecue for the city’s law enforcement professionals and the community at large.

WATCH: Opposing Dallas Protest Groups Find They Want Same Thing; Black & White Hug it Out

“It’s a first step for the community to be able to get to know the officers that work and live around northeast Wichita,” protest supporter Djuan Wash told KSN News.

He believes it’s the first step toward healing and building a bond between those in blue and those who want to end injustice.

LOOK: Photo of Citizens Guarding the Police in Baltimore Riots Brings Needed Hope

Any and all are invited to attend the 6:00 pm cook-out, billed as the ‘First Steps Barbecue’, today at Emerson McAdams Park.

(WATCH the video below from KSN News)

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If you are finding a web host with the most potential to live up to your expectations, has probably been one of your top choices. The web host has been around for 15 years (since 1997), which is a dead giveaway of their experience in the industry. The longevity of their presence may also be seen as the result of unprecedented services that have been ensnaring the trust from a large pool of clients.

To date, experiments and surveillance have confirmed the impressive average uptime of HyperMart at 99.97%, with 86,082 successful checks (there were only three that failed). The record time started in January of 2006, continuing to July of 2012.

Websites that are operated under HyperMart are highly searchable in three major search engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN. In June of 2010, search for “” gave a whopping 812,000 search results. It would then be easy to establish online presence when you opt to have your site up and running through their server.

Details about HyperMart is a Linux-based web hosting service company that sticks with few (but highly reliable plans). Among the most impressive packages include their Ultra Plan that comes with 300 GB space and 3,000 GB bandwidth.

Having a limit on both aspects may appear deviant amidst the pool of companies that clamour for attention with their unlimited plans. But, HyperMart is driven by the principle that no webmaster should be obliged to pay for allowance that he cannot maximize. After all, the highest package is only priced at $9.95.

One look at their services would reveal that cater more to fledgling online businesses than established enterprises. Young entrepreneurs can take advantage of their affordable plans laden with sophisticated services that include free domain name registrations and e-mail accounts. Their pool of technical staff is guaranteed to give the best web service assistance through FrontPage help. Alongside, the company also extends additional small business solutions such as web designing and SEO.

Technical glitches are kept at bay trough their Apace-typed server. The data centre is dubbed by Performance Systems International – popular for running cutting edge computers and technology. As the company is aiming to provide the most reliable services, it invested in high-end data architecture.

This comes in the guise of a hosting platform that runs on NetApp storage clusters and IBM servers, along with a powerful network connection. The data centre is well supported by dual routers that pave the way for more efficient redundancy. HyperMart also takes pride in its cutting edge Cisco PIX firewall for optimal security.

Where HyperMart Makes a Difference

You may have an impression that HyperMart is just like any other small web host with similar packages and promises. This notion is not too surprising. True enough, the company does not have too much to boast from their packages (apart from the proven 99.97% uptime which is far better than the recorded uptime of colossal web hosts). But HyperMart draws competitive edge from security of their services and online safety of their clients.

The web host requires new clients to leave crucial information through a distinct method. Gathered information will be kept confidential, as the client details will be used merely as a basis on how the company can customize the services based on the exact necessities of the web developers. Think of this as a digital Q and A portion where the staff would formulate a plan based on your specific goals for the website.

Privacy Policy is designed to demonstrate the company’s commitment to security of both the users and the visitors (clients who use the services without putting up at an account).

Policies of HyperMart is partaking in the conscious efforts to preserve the welfare of Internet users, merchants and online shoppers. This web host then implement strict regulations to its clients by prohibiting the use of their network to prevent SPAM (they have a filtering technology that blocks e-mails that are deemed to be junk messages).

Similarly, in web development, clients are not allowed to:

  • Update-2016 We have now compared hostmonster review to Hypermart. Make sure you check out hostmonster review the truth before you choose either company.
  • Integrate invalid or forged headers in the website

  • Register an invalid or non-existing domain name

  • Utilize techniques that may misrepresent the business name or hide any information that can be used to trace the origin and path of transmissions

  • Use methods to deceive or tweak addressing

  • Declare another company’s domain name or relaying information from another party’s equipment without due approval of the owner

  • Send messages with unrelated or misleading information placed on the subject line

  • Send misleading e-mail contents

Every client who is proven to have violated these regulations may be revoked of the privilege to use services from HyperMart.

With this given, it is clear how the company retained its untarnished name in the web hosting arena all these years.

Tipping Point for Solar is on Display Now in New Batteries, Tech

solar panel workers-National Renewable Energy Laboratory-FB

SAN FRANCISCO – It has been said that renewable energy is the energy of the future and always will be. But the tipping point is nigh, thanks to Germany’s leadership, China’s pollution catastrophe and technological advances in battery storage, materials science and software. At this year’s giant solar show – Solar 2016 – a future with…

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She Offered an Armed Robber a Glass Of Wine, Completely Flipped The Script

pouring wine puppet sillouette- Manual Cinema:NPR-YouTube

An NPR podcast this week explored what happens when people flip the script, and respond to situations in ways that are completely unexpected.

Particularly interesting was the notion that a 180-degree change in attitude could shift a tense armed robbery in progress, and lead to a complete turnaround in the mind of the assailant.

A mellow Washington, D.C., backyard dinner party was suddenly confronted by a man with a gun pointed at the hostess’s head saying, ”Give me your money, or I’ll f*’ing start shooting.”

They tried to persuade him to change his mind, especially because no one actually had any money, but the situation was escalating.

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Suddenly one of the women did something extraordinary—she offered him a glass of French wine… and that changed everything.

The concept of upending a situation— responding to confrontation with kindness, for instance—is called non-complementarity.

CHECK OUT: The Amazing Tale of A Karmic Pact Fulfilled—I Got The Love I Finally Gave

Psychologist Christopher J. Hopwood says non-complementarity is also great for bettering relationships in your own life.

Alix Spiegel, host the “Invisibilia” podcast, explored the concept on the air in season two, episode five and, later, Manual Cinema brought the excerpted discussion to life with a shadow puppet performance.

(WATCH the video below)

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Good News in History, July 17

Apollo-Soyuz stamps Russian English mashup

On this day 41 years ago, two spacecrafts—an American Apollo and a Soviet Soyuz—docked with each other in orbit. They remained linked in space for 47 hours, marking the first time such a link-up occurred between spacecraft from two nations—and, at the end of the Cold War, a symbol of the policy of détente that the two superpowers began pursuing. (1975)

MORE Good News on this Day:

  • US President Lincoln signed the first federal law allowing persons of African descent to serve in the U.S. military (1862)
  • The first electrical air conditioner was switched on by Willis Carrier who invented, designed and built the machine in Buffalo, New York (1912)
  • Disneyland first opened its magical doors to the public in Anaheim, California (1955)
  • Yellow Submarine, an animated film by the Beatles premiered in London, a full length fantasy featuring the the Fab Four as cartoon characters who agree to travel with Young Fred in his Yellow Submarine to free the people of Pepperland from the music-hating Blue Meanies (1968)
  • Britain announced that Queen Elizabeth II had signed into law the bill passed by Parliament legalizing same-sex marriages in England and Wales (2013)


Happy 81th Birthday to Donald Sutherland, the Canadian actor known for his roles in films such as The Dirty Dozen, M*A*S*H, Klute, The Hunger Games, and the Academy Award-winning, Ordinary People. He named his four sons, including actor Kiefer Sutherland, after directors, like Robert Redford, with whom he has worked. (1935)

Photo by Frantogian, CC

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Kindhearted Brothers Hand Out Brown Paper Bag Lunches To 200 Homeless (Video)

brothers-lunch bags for homeless-inside edition

Two brothers, Derrell and Kyllon Martin, created ‘The Helping Lunchbox’ to help feed the homeless people in their New Orleans community.

Volunteers help deliver the lunch bags filled with sandwiches, pretzels, and water—along with words of encouragement hand written on each bag to uplift the people living in poverty.

MORE INSPIRATION: 9-Year-old Makes Beautiful Care Packages for Homeless Women

Kristy Lewis Martin, the boys’ mother, says they started the project when the family noticed many people living under the bridge they passed by. Since then, the boys have served over 200 people.

(Watch the video below, from Inside Edition)

[embedded content]

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“The Most Amazing Thing” is Happening to Officers, As Strangers Stop to Pray

Officer Clinton Powell prays with black shopper-FB

Three separate incidents of strangers praying with police officers in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Georgia are reminding people that Americans—black and white—are coming together in the wake of tragedy.

In the photo above, Deputy Clinton Powell who works for the Muscogee County Marshal’s Office in Columbus, Georgia was in a local Wal-mart store when Avery Rosser approached him and began praying with the officer.

Rosser shared the picture last Saturday on Facebook following the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas.

Similarly, Rita Baker posted a photo she took in Kentucky while stopped at a traffic light. It showed a homeless man and an officer that appeared to be praying, standing on the side of the road, holding hands with their heads bowed.

“They stood this way for about 30 seconds,” she wrote, but didn’t know anything specific about the situation.

“It speaks volumes to the types of officers we have here at the Georgetown Police Department,” Baker said.

cop prays with man at car-Rita Baker-FB

In Mississippi, Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Harmon said an older woman stopped him at a gas station and asked to pray with him. He said he was overcome with emotion when others, black and white, joined in.

WATCH: Inmates Break Out Of Jail To Save Life Of Officer Guarding Them

Harmon posted his feelings about the incident in a video: “Had one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I hardly ever post anything job related but this was something I will remember for the rest of my life and I had to share!”

“She comes up to me and says, ‘Your life matters. Can I pray with you?’ ” Harmon, 25, recalled.

“And we prayed. And people joined in. It was the most amazing thing. They were black, white, together. There was no hate. No one was saying anything negative. It was just us praying. And it was amazing.”

SEE MORE Inspiring Stories About Police Officers at Good News Network

“It’s not unusual for people to walk up and say, ‘Thank you for your service.’ People show support every day. But never anything like that,” he added. “I was pretty emotional.”

“Everything going on in this world right now, for somebody to come up to you like that right there, it completely blew me away.”

After his overnight shift ended, Harmon shared the video below in which he recounts the story for a longtime friend and his father.

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